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Dewatering Vibrating Screen

Dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering, desliming and demineralization. It can be used for washing sand in sand and stone plant, recovering slime in coal preparation plant, dry discharging of tailings in ore dressing plant, etc. Therefore, it is also called sand dewatering screen, mining dewatering screen, slime dewatering screen, tailings dewatering screen, high frequency dewatering screen, etc. Although they belong to the same dewatering equipment, the structure of the dewatering screen is different when it acts on different materials, such as the sand dewatering screen on the water washing sand production line and the tailings dewatering screen commonly used in the concentrator. The vibrating dewatering screen is mainly used in the wet sand production line, which can be used with the sand washing machine or alone.

Function introduction

Use with sand washing machine

Why should they be used together? We should know that the sand washed by the sand washing machine is not very clean in fact. The sand not only contains a certain amount of mud and is too wet (with large water content), but also does not meet the production needs of low standard and high standard of sand mud content. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a vibrating dewatering screen for dewatering and desliming! After the sand is cleaned by the sand washing machine, the desliming and dehydration screening treatment of the dehydration screen can achieve a reasonable particle size ratio and reduce the mud content to less than 0.7%.

Use the dewatering screen alone

The dewatering screen can also be used alone when it acts on some materials with low mud content, without the need of a sand washing machine, such as quartz sand. Because of the low mud content of quartz sand, washing sand with water by sand washing machine not only consumes energy but also has poor effect. More importantly, the investment cost of dewatering screen is lower than that of sand washing machine.

Working principle

The dewatering screen adopts double motor self synchronization technology, universal eccentric block and adjustable amplitude vibrator. It is mainly composed of screen box, exciter, supporting system and motor. Two unrelated vibrators operate synchronously and reversely. The centrifugal force generated by two groups of eccentric mass is superposed along the component force in the direction of vibration, and the reverse centrifugal force is counteracted, thus forming a single exciting vibration along the direction of vibration, making the screen box move in a reciprocating straight line. Through the exciting force provided by the vibrating motor to the screen machine, the material can jump on the screen surface in a straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of dehydration, classification, demineralization and desliming of the material.

Performance advantages

1. The material of dehydrating screen is high polymer polyurethane (UHMW —- PE), with hardness of 95 and opening rate of 100%. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, self lubrication and impact energy absorption, with long service life.

2. The vibration motor of the dewatering screen is easy to replace, and the rubber spring of the base is used for shock absorption, so that the vibration amplitude is small and the vibration is slow, and can be removed cleanly. The screen frame is made of special material, laser cutting for the whole plate, laser cutting for screw hole, no welding, high precision.

3. The dewatering screen can be customized according to the output and water content. The side plate of the machine body has a reinforcing plate, the bottom is equipped with a support, the bottom is equipped with a horizontal bar, and the outlet is supported by a triangular steel plate, which is thick.

4. The equipment adopts high-strength torsional shear type fastening bolts. The high-strength torsional shear type bolt is initially screwed, and the connection of each component is closely coordinated, so as to reach the design standard strength.

5. The motor beam is made of special material with 24-26mm steel plate thickness, which can effectively eliminate the stress and has the characteristics of strong durability, good support performance, large bearing capacity and strong stability.

6. Laser cutting and drilling are adopted for equipment production, with small tolerance. Double screw holes are reserved in the motor base, which can be installed horizontally or vertically.

7. Before delivery, the staff will debug it, check whether the vibration motor is normal and whether the exciter is in good operation, so as to ensure the delivery output for customers.

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